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COVID-19 vaccine information

COVID-19 is a serious respiratory illness that can lead to hospitalization and, in some cases, death. Vaccination is an effective way to help better protect you against developing serious complications from COVID-19 infection.

Get your COVID vaccine, get a $30 gift card (ends May 31, 2023)

Now through May 31, 2023, if you get a COVID vaccine from Nevada Health Centers, you will receive a $30 gift card while supplies last. This promotion applies to anyone eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination–including booster doses. One card per person per administered vaccine.

There are several ways to get a vaccine from Nevada Health Centers:

Request an appointment

To request a COVID vaccine appointment, please call 800.787.2568.

Find a health center near you

Walk in to one of these NVHC health centers

Walk-in COVID vaccines are administered on a first-come, first-served basis at any of the following health centers during the designated dates and times:

Southern Nevada Location Address Date/Time
MLK Health Center 1799 Mount Mariah Dr. (Las Vegas) Thursdays only
Eastern Family Medical 2212 S. Eastern Ave. (Las Vegas) Tuesdays only
N. LV Family Health 2225 Civic Center Dr., #224 (N. Las Vegas) Wednesdays only
Cambridge Family Health 3900 Cambridge St., Ste. 102 (Las Vegas) Fridays only
Henderson Family Health 98 E. Lake Mead Pkwy, #103 (Henderson) Mondays only

Northern Nevada Location Address Date/Time
Sierra Nevada Health Center 3325 Research Way (Carson City) Thursdays only, 1-5pm
Elko Family Medical & Dental 762 14th St. (Elko) All weekdays

Attend one of our community vaccination events

We have several community-based events scheduled at which you can receive a COVID vaccine. Click the button below to view available dates and times.

View community vaccination events

About the vaccine we use

Moderna vaccine

Two doses of the vaccine are required: an initial dose, and a second dose approximately 28 days later. If you receive the Moderna vaccine as your first dose, an appointment for your second dose will be scheduled at the time you receive your first dose of the vaccine.  Nevada Health Centers is currently offering Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to individuals at least 6 months old. We also offer the bivalent booster to those 6 years and older. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines here.

Additional resources

Appointments: 800.787.2568